Digital transformation and e-commerce


    Digital has been high on the development agenda for years. With COVID-19, the imperative to “build back better” and increase resilience has made digital a priority.  

    ITC is centering its efforts on the digitalization of trade and the specific constraints faced by MSMEs, in particular e-commerce of goods and services.  

    To facilitate inclusive participation in digital trade, ITC enables firm growth and simultaneously addresses challenges faced at three levels (enterprise, business ecosystem and policy levels), especially those linked to connectivity and digital skills.  

    Connectivity is a key element in digital transformation and ITC has a thought leadership role to play across the digital connectivity value chain, especially last mile access.  

    How ITC addresses opportunities and delivers at scale in the digital era

    ITC focuses on an integrated model fostering linkages between the research, strategy and policy work, digital entrepreneurship and e-commerce. The model includes non-traditional partners and positions ITC as a contributor for investing in connectivity, ensuring this contributes to sustainable economic growth.  


    To scale its support, ITC focuses on: 

    • A supportive ecosystem, by involving business support organizations to offer services and advocate on matters relevant to improving connectivity, and partnering with ecosystem actors, including multi-stakeholder groups, mobile network operators, logistics services providers and e-commerce platforms to improve telecommunications regulations, and provide access to technologies and services. 

    • A conducive policy environment, through policy advisory, training and public-private consultations. 

    • Thought leadership, by conducting research and multi-stakeholder consultation and organizing events. 

    • Dynamic tech entrepreneurialism, through access to innovative financing and fostering a start-up ecosystem. 

    • MSME digital trade capacities, by accelerating the e-commerce capabilities and creating market linkages. 


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