Sustainability Gateway

    Tools for sustainable and inclusive trade.

    ITC’s Sustainability Gateway provides you with a range of tools designed to empower businesses along value chains with the means to address environmental, social and gender issues, smoothing the transition to better production, consumption and trade.


    Explore ITC’s offering of sustainable and inclusive tools designed to help businesses and women entrepreneurs enhance their production and processing practices, scale up the capacity of multiplier and business support organizations, collaborate with industry platforms to drive transparency and traceability, improve the visibility and connections of sustainable businesses and women entrepreneurs, and drive through leadership.

    Whom do we help and how?

    • Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs)
      We assist businesses in reducing their environmental impact, improving their working conditions and gaining access to new markets.
    • Business support organizations (BSOs)
      We support stakeholders with gaining access to information, knowledge and skills to promote sustainability effectively, delivering all along the value chain.
    • Policymakers
      We provide insights for policymaking to strengthen links between international trade and sustainability policies and transition towards a sustainable economy.
    • Global brands
      We drive standards convergence and transparency to incentivize sustainable production and consumption.
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