Living with the Genie - Artificial Intelligence in Content Creation for Small Businesses in Trade

This report encourages artificial intelligence (AI) literacy for small businesses and trade institutions, especially in developing countries, through the lens of publishing. It shows that AI tools empower everyone in the workplace to be publishers – and that leaders can navigate the promises and perils that come with AI.


While more than 50% of business support organizations responding to an International Trade Centre survey in December 2023 use ChatGPT and other AI tools, they advise caution and seek guidance. This report responds with insights on the changed world of publishing; managing bias; AI tools to research, write, produce and promote content; and managing organizational change.


AI tools give more freedom to research, write and publish, but users must address issues of misinformation, bias, inaccuracy and plagiarism. The report addresses leaders, managers, writers and communications specialists in trade promotion organizations, chambers of commerce, youth incubators and others providing trade content for developing countries.