SheTrades Outlook

    SheTrades Outlook is an innovative policy tool that, through quantitative and qualitative data, helps stakeholders assess, monitor and improve the institutional ecosystem for women's participation in international trade.


    Collecting and analyzing gender-disaggregated data helps identify the challenges and opportunities for women in trade more easily. The tool collects data through institutions and is not a business survey.

    This tool can be used to:

    • Map the environment for women in trade
    • Examine data gaps
    • Identify areas for potential inclusive policy reform
    • Share and learn from good practices across countries

    SheTrades Outlook covers 55 indicators across 6 pillars, namely trade policy, business environment, legal and regulatory framework, access to finance, access to skills and work and society. 

    SheTrades Outlook Country Coverage
    SheTrades Outlook Country Coverage


    4 February 2022