Corporate document

ITC Operational Plan

    The ITC Operational Plan establishes annual performance targets and specifies the resources needed to achieve results each year. It operationalizes ITC’s Strategic Plan by specifying concrete actions to meet the organization’s commitments to clients, partners, governments and funders. 

    In 2023, ITC will continue pursuing its vision of building inclusive, sustainable, and prosperous economies through trade, firmly grounded in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its mandates. To achieve this, ITC will focus on the 5 ‘Ps’ of the Global Agenda - prosperity, people, planet, peace, and partnership. 

    ITC will assist micro, small and medium-sized businesses in creating jobs through entrepreneurship and value chain development. The focus is on women, youth, people with disabilities, and those in vulnerable situations. 

    ITC will also promote sustainable production, consumption, and climate action while reaffirming its commitment to least developed countries, landlocked developing countries, sub-Saharan Africa, small island developing states, conflict-affected economies and small and vulnerable economies.  

    Internal improvements, data-driven insights, and United Nations system-wide synergies are key to ITC's ongoing success.