Access to finance and investment


    We understand that as leaders of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), you may face challenges when it comes to access to finance. We are here to help with our access to finance and investment expertise. 

    We offer support and training on managerial and financial skills, access to financing instruments, and transparent and efficient business ecosystems, by providing you with critical information and working with local and international finance groups. We also bring your businesses’ finance needs to the attention of the global community through advocacy and events.   

    The sections below will give you detailed descriptions of how we do this.

    • Technical support to help you comply with the requirements of finance providers.  This includes training on business and financial management, and the preparation of business plans and loan requests.
    • Training on trade finance process and instruments. 
    • Technical support to young entrepreneurs in refining and validating your business ideas and preparing them for pitching to investors.
    • On-line self-learning opportunities and tools to help you managers improve your financial management skills.
    • Monitoring and tracking financial performance and loans requests of our clients as part of our technical assistance impact assessment. 
    • Grants and matching grants schemes to address your working capital and small investment needs.
    • First loss guarantee schemes aimed at de-risking your businesses and allowing them to access third party finance.
    • Early-stage seed funding for start-ups to support young entrepreneurs create sustainable and socially responsible firms with high growth potential in such sectors as e-commerce, agriculture, tourism, wellbeing, and education.  
    • In partnership with local financial institutions and Governments, create soft lines of credit to support your growth and internationalization efforts.
    • Working with local financial institutions to tailor financial solutions to your specific context and needs.
    • Helping you access relevant up-to date information on available sources of funding, requirements, and market rates.
    • Training of local financial institutions on how to understand, assess, and better serve your businesses. 
    • Training local professionals to provide you with advice and coaching on various finance issues, including sustainable finance opportunities.
    • Working with leading companies and international financial institutions so you can access trade finance either through bank-to-bank loans or company-to-company lending.
    • Facilitating the link between your business and local finance service providers.
    • Roundtables in ITC global events that bring together market leaders, researchers, and top government officials to discuss and find solutions for your finance-related needs. 
    • Demo-days and pitching events where young entrepreneurs like you can meet investors and other business partners. 
    • Advocacy and evidence-based thought leadership on your finance and investment. By participating in global forums and releasing publications, we bring your businesses’ finance needs to the attention of the global community.

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