Covid-19 response



    ITC pivots during Covid-19 crisis

    ITC launched or renewed close to 20 strategic partnerships to expand outreach to beneficiaries; signed contracts with three new funders; delivered 93% of the 2020 operational target and continued to innovate.  

    ITC also adapted its market analysis tools to provide real-time data, such as our Trade Measures Dashboard, and created tailor-made solutions for firms, policymakers and business support institutions. Access to the tools was free of charge, and in 2020 the number of registered users passed the one million mark for the first time.  

    The emphasis on capacity building through digital offerings led to an increase of 80% in online training delivery. ITC delivered close to 140 courses through webinars, virtual workshops and the SME Trade Academy, benefiting almost 13,000 participants, 50% of whom were women. 


    01 October 2022