Travel conditions for meeting participants

Official travel for ITC

Administrative conditions for meeting participants

    The administrative conditions are intended to define and to advise you about the conditions under which your participation is governed for:

    A. Transportation (Ticket delivery)

    Upon confirmation of your participation, ITC will provide you with your transportation ticket in accordance with the ITC travel policy. The ITC Travel Agency in Geneva / Switzerland will directly inform you about your booking and ticket delivery. ITC allows personal preferences and/or private deviations to be included in the official ITC air ticket; however, this will be directly handled by the traveller either with the airline or through the ITC Travel Agency in which case fees may apply. Payment shall be made directly to the ITC Travel Agency and payment is by credit card only. If the issuance of an official ticket is delayed because of personal preferences and/or private deviations, ITC will systematically issue in priority the official ticket. ITC will not accept any liability relating to and resulting from personal preferences and/or private deviations. In case of non-participation to the ITC event, the traveller shall advise ITC accordingly.

    B. Visa requirements

    The traveller is responsible for checking the visa requirements for the country of destination and to proceed with the visa application, if needed.

    C. Accommodation and per diem (Subsistence allowance)

    You will be advised whether accommodation and meals are directly provided or not by ITC. ITC will inform you about the applicable Daily Subsistence Allowance (DSA / Per diem) to cover your expenses in connection with your official stay.

    D. Travel emergencies

    In the event of a travel problem or emergency and in case the issue cannot be resolved by the concerned airline, travellers can call the ITC Travel Agency’s Emergency Service Centre at + 41 022 730 04 94. This emergency number is also shown on the (transportation) e-ticket.

    E. Travel insurance

    While on official travel for ITC, ITC provides insurance coverage against medical/health and repatriation risks. ITC assumes that the traveller is in good health and it is the responsibility of the traveller to advise ITC in case he/she is not suitable for travel.

    F. General obligations

    During ITC events, travellers shall refrain from engaging in political, commercial and any activities other than those governed by the ITC event.