LegaCarta is an online tool providing critical assessments and technical analyses regarding a country’s position in relation to the main multilateral treaties that have an impact on international trade. The boundaries and names shown, and the designations used on this website, country profiles, data sheets, information sheets and maps are for information purposes only and do not constitute the opinion of the ITC.  The content reproduced by ITC from publicly-available websites and content reproduced from websites subject to creative commons public licenses does not constitute an endorsement by ITC and cannot be attributed whatsoever to the ITC. Reproduction of text, maps, data or any other information from internet freely editable sources do not imply official endorsement or acceptance by the United Nations of any content, any historical content or description, any alleged fact, any disputed boundary, and are without prejudice to a mutually acceptable political solution consistent with the principles and purposes of the Charter of the United Nations.


    LegaCarta helps public and private decision-makers understand how key multilateral trade conventions and model laws impact the national legal environment and helps them make informed decisions in terms of ratification or adhesion. This tool is offered as part of ITC’s strategic objective of supporting policymakers in integrating their business sectors into the global economy.

    LegaCarta covers key trade multilateral conventions on issues such as contracts, customs, dispute resolution, environment, finance, illicit trade, intellectual property, investment, transport and telecommunications. It includes over 300 legal maps, the full text of 244 multilateral trade instruments, explanatory notes for each instrument, updated tables of ratifications and with subscription, country analysis profiles and technical assistance.

    It is country-based, with detailed systematic analysis of a country’s position, strengths and weaknesses regarding multilateral treaties.