ITC’s online dashboard allows analysis of more than 630 retail marketplaces across 50 African countries.


    The Africa Marketplace Explorer addresses the lack of comprehensive information about online marketplaces in more than 50 African countries. 

    This free dashboard explores:

    • trends in digital marketplace usage from 2019 to 2022 

    • relative adoption of marketplaces 

    • country-by-country benchmarking 

    The tool covers visitor traffic and the main characteristics of more than 630 African marketplaces. 

    This comprehensive set of data, developed by the ITC ecomConnect team together with the Centre for Market Insights of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, contributes important insights on how to develop e-commerce in Africa. 

    The accompanying report, Business and policy insights: Mapping e-Marketplaces in Africa, builds on this data to explain how policymakers and small businesses can use it. 

    The dashboard is also available for Latin America and the Caribbean


    Africa’s 631 online marketplaces recorded 2.17 billion visits in 2019.
    That’s just 8% of the traffic on Amazon.
    Graphic of woman carrying delivery boxes
    10 countries – including South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria and Algeria – are responsible for 94% of all online business in Africa.
    Consumer traffic on online marketplaces in Africa slipped by 5% from 2017 to 2019. 


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