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The in-depth digital knowledge platform of the International Trade Centre explores export development and trade issues in developing and least developed countries. The contributions focus on trade promotion and export development as part of the International Trade Centre’s technical cooperation programme with developing countries and economies in transition.


6 Dec 2022

Trade Forum talked with Sarah Adiyo from Juba County in South Sudan. Driven by her urge to be independent, the 25-year-old retailer is working hard to educating herself and becoming a successful business woman. Her resilience and strength are remarkable, despite the challenges she has been facing....

6 Oct 2022

Trade Forum talked with three young researchers from the Graduate Institute of International Development Studies in Geneva to find out which challenges young people are facing when trying to get financial support.    As part of ITC’s collaboration with the Graduate Institute,...

2 Sep 2022

Trade Forum had the opportunity to talk with Sheker Akiniyazova, an inspiring artist, to find out what moved her to build her business, Keshde Art-Studio. She is also a member of the Union of Architects of Turkmenistan and an active volunteer for programmes that support children with disabilities....

15 Dec 2021

  Women in Digital is an award-winning tech enterprise that encourages women working in the tech industry – and inspiring them to become leaders. Evelyn Seltier talked with the CEO, Achia Nila, about her drive for empowering women in a male-dominated sector.

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