Access the e-commerce tools developed by our ecomConnect programme to help your business digitalize, grow and scale. We offer a range of services from informative dashboards on marketplace characteristics to cost calculators and sales tracking tools. 

    Our tools

    Latam Marketplace Explorer

    The Latin America and the Caribbean Marketplace Explorer is the first tool to analyse the sale of goods on retail e-commerce marketplaces. This free dashboard explores trends in usage, adoption of marketplaces across 33 countries, and country-by-country benchmarking. The tool covers visitor traffic and other main characteristics of almost 900 marketplaces and 2,900 marketplace websites. 

    E-commerce Readiness Quiz

    This quiz rapidly assesses the readiness of your business to engage in international e-commerce and shows where you need to concentrate your efforts to successfully sell online. It explores five areas: e-commerce planning, online presence, digital marketing, shipping, and inventory and customer service. Users are provided with interactive feedback on the areas that need further work and attention.

    E-commerce Cost Calculator

    This tool helps enterprises understand the costs of selling on popular e-commerce marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and Etsy, or their own online stores. It supports enterprises to set up pricing strategies and calculate sales margins.

    Online Payment Solution Finder

    This tool helps businesses easily find available payment solutions for which they may be eligible in each country and sales channel. The tool also incorporates background information and contacts for the listed solutions.

    Africa Marketplace Explorer

    This dynamic dashboard explores 630+ business-to-consumer (B2C) marketplaces in 55 countries and territories in Africa. It helps businesses understand how to sell goods online regionally or in neighbouring countries. The tool also allows users to explore marketplace trends, the availability and requirements of each marketplace and a country-by-country benchmarking. Users can filter and download data, and hover over graphs and maps to uncover additional insights.

    Click here to get a copy of the accompanying report.

    ecomConnect Market

    The market brings together a selection of e-commerce businesses from around the world to promote and showcase best practices. The enterprises showcased have all undergone an extensive ITC ecomConnect support programme and serve as a reference group for the quality of their products and implemented e-commerce strategy. The ecomConnect market serves as a tool to promote the contribution of partners and fund online campaigns that can boost sales for the selected enterprises and demonstrate results.

    E-commerce Diagnostics Tool

    This tool conducts a deep assessment of small and medium enterprises’ (SMEs) e-commerce capabilities before and after projects, covering general business maturity, online presence, payments, logistics, digital marketing, and customer service. Information is gathered via a comprehensive online survey. This tool is only accessible to project SMEs and is not publicly available.

    Request more information here: ecomconnect [at] intracen.org

    Track Me Tool

    This tool tracks small and medium enterprises’ sales and site traffic across different e-commerce platforms in a single dashboard. The track me tool helps businesses measure their online performance and benchmark themselves with other businesses. The tool is used in selected ITC projects.

    Request more information here: ecomconnect [at] intracen.org

    ecomConnect.org Online Community

    The ecomConnect.org online community connects entrepreneurs, enterprises, organizations and business experts to share e-commerce solutions, latest news and success stories, and access free tools and events.

    ecomConnect.org has been an incredible learning platform for me since day one. As a young entrepreneur, I have always been looking to grow my business by increasing my network and enhancing business knowledge. ecomConnect.org is the place to be: it's a hub for entrepreneurs and all business levels to connect, learn and grow their businesses. (Maheshwar Kannegalla, Founder of Mahini Export Private Limited, India)
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    04 March 2022

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