Digital trade and e-commerce


    As world businesses move online, ITC is responding by focusing on the digitalization of trade and solving the constraints faced by micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) regarding e-commerce of goods and services, at the enterprise, business ecosystem and policy levels. 

    ITC’s ecomConnect initiative aims to build the world’s largest community of e-commerce entrepreneurs engaged in the sustainable development of small businesses online. 

    We already support digital connectivity by improving telecommunications regulations and working with partners who provide access to technologies and services.   

    We work to improve business ecosystems by collaborating with market partners and equipping Business Service Organizations (BSOs) with the capacity to support MSMEs in the digital economy.  

    We inform policymakers on the particular needs of MSMEs in relation to e-commerce and digitalization and the importance of a policy and regulatory environment conducive to e-commerce at the national, regional and multilateral levels.  

    We also ensure policymakers are properly informed when participating in e-commerce negotiations. 

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    Senior Advisor, Export marketing, branding and e-commerce
    Mr. James Howe
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