Digital Moonshot session at WSIS 2024: Unlocking Africa's Digital Entrepreneurship Potential: Insights from the Tech Hub Landscape post-Covid

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<p>The session takes place in the framework of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in Geneva. It will delve into the dynamic landscape of African tech hubs, which have surpassed 1000 in number, and their pivotal role in propelling digital, social, and economic transformations by fostering startup ecosystems, drawing insights from the 3d edition of ITC's Tech Hubs in Africa report. Rather than a traditional report summary, this session will provide key highlights and actionable insights derived from an in-depth examination of the impact of COVID-19 on tech hubs across the continent.</p><p>The session will highlight the resilience demonstrated by tech hubs during the pandemic, drawing on a survey of 52 hubs and interviews with numerous others. Identified resilient business models that successfully navigated the challenges posed by the pandemic will be discussed. Drawing from the findings of the International Trade Centre (ITC) survey, the most defining parameter for the success of tech hubs during challenging times is their ability to digitalize services. Insights into how digitalization played a pivotal role in maintaining and enhancing the operations of these hubs will be discussed.</p><p>The session will position the report as a practical toolkit for governments and funders seeking successful investments in tech entrepreneurship support infrastructure. Recommendations derived from the report will be outlined to guide strategic decision-making for those involved in supporting and fostering tech ecosystems in Africa.</p><p>Attendees will gain insights into the future of tech hub operations, with an emphasis on the role of digital service delivery.</p><p><strong>CICG: Room 14, CICG, 2nd Floor</strong></p><p><strong>And Online.&nbsp;</strong></p>