Myanmar: Inclusive tourism development with focus on Kayah state (consolidation) & Tanintharyi (extension) (NTF IV)



    The project builds on the results of “NTF III Myanmar - Inclusive Tourism focusing on Kayah state” by expanding tourism product development to an additional state of Myanmar (Thanintharyi) and further consolidating the achieved results at national and Kayah state level. The same successful value chain approach, from tourism product and service development over association strengthening and destination branding to market linkages will be adopted. 

    In Kayah state, the tourism products & services developed under NTF III will be further improved in order to enhance the tourism experience with the view to attract new and longer-staying tourists. Moreover, the management capabilities of local counterparts will be strengthened so as to ensure long-term sustainability of the results achieved under NTF III. 

    In Tanintharyi, new tourism products (such e.g. Cultural Tourism Tours, Creative Tourism activities, etc.) will be developed at community level and service provision capabilities to tourists enhanced (such e.g. improving food quality and safety), as well as tourism and tourism-related associations strengthened. Tanintharyi has relavant revenue generation potential becasue of its pristine beaches and easy accessibility both from the capital Yangon (by flight) and from Thailand with three border crossing open to tourists. 

    In Chin state, a group of tourism stakeholders will be linked to Kayah state with a Training of Trainers (ToT) study tour on ITC's inclusive tourism approach followed by on-site and distant coaching on implementation. 



    Sustainable Development Goals

    This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals, as defined by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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