MENATEX Regional: Regional component of the Textiles and Clothing Programme for the MENA region



    The overall MENATEX programme consists  of 5 sub-projects. It supports four countries in the Middle East and North African region (MENA region), namely Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, and Tunisia as well as contains a regional component, which is covered under this project. The programme intends to increase the countries’ export competitiveness in the T&C sector as well as develop linkages among the four countries. 

     The regional component, which is covered by this project, will consist of five elements, which will reinforce the activities and envisaged achievements at the country level:

    ·         increase regional trade of T&C products, including for intermediate products to foster the development of a regional supply chain

    ·         support the development of a joint approach to promote North Africa as a sourcing destination.

    ·         Facilitate collaboration, and exchange of experiences and best practices in addressing gender and youth aspects. 

    ·         support the joint participation in regional trade fairs. 


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