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Australia to donate USD 3 Million to ITC (en)

16 December 2011
ITC Nouvelles

Australia has announced that it is donating USD 3 million to the International Trade Centre (ITC) to assist least developed countries build technical skills needed to benefit from global trade.
ITC’s Executive Director, Patricia R. Francis, thanked Australia saying that the donation is a vote of confidence in the work that ITC does, adding that Australia has joined ITC’s other donors in committing to trade related technical assistance as a means to trade development and poverty reduction.
Australia’s Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd and Trade Minister Craig Emerson announced the contribution, which is not earmarked for specific projects, today.  The USD 3 million donation to ITC is part of a larger package of trade-related assistance which Australia is providing to the world’s poorest countries, and is on top of the more than USD 600 which Australia provides annually in Aid for Trade.

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