These are the world’s three most traded spices

6 February 2018
ITC News
Pepper, vanilla and ginger are spicing up lives and economies.

Accounting for more than one-fifth of all imported spices in 2016 worth an estimated $4.69 billion, pepper is by far the most trade spice in the world. Between 2012 and 2016, world demand for pepper grew by 9% in value and 4% in quantity, suggesting that it is becoming more expensive.

Most of this pepper originates in Viet Nam, India and China and is exported to the United States, Germany and India. The latter suggests an insatiable appetite for the spice in since it has the most protected market for pepper with an estimated average tariff of 64.4%.

The second-most trade spice in the world is vanilla. In 2016, global imports of vanilla were worth an estimated $821 million and the trade is driven by exports from mainly Madagascar, Indonesia and Mauritius.

The third-most trade spice in the world is ginger. In 2016, imports of ginger totalled more than $757 million globally and whereas main exporters of ginger are China and the Netherlands.

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