Promoting organic farming in Thailand

9 August 2022
ITC News

Despite growing demand, many consumers and producers in Thailand could still benefit from increased awareness about organic products.

As part of the ARISE Plus Thailand project funded by the European Union (EU), the National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards (ACFS) and the International Trade Centre (ITC) have joined hands to develop a communication campaign strategy about the benefits of organic farming.

A workshop was recently held to validate the findings of a needs assessment that will support the development of the communication campaign strategy.

The project supports a better understanding of organic agriculture practices and organic standards in Thailand.

30 participants from six groups of stakeholders along the organic value chain, including consumers, farmers, producers, operators, processors, and logistical service providers attended the workshop. They helped validate the findings of the needs assessment conducted earlier in June, which gathered inputs from 110 players along the organic rice and mangosteen value chains.

Mr. Narong, progressive farmer, found the workshop useful: “Organic farming is challenging. This workshop helped me understand ways to communicate efficiently about the benefits of organic farming with specific audience. We can now also clearly see the link between different players in the value chain such as farmers, producers, processors, and consumers”.

Key findings will be used to devise a communication campaign strategy to sensitize all stakeholders involved in the value chain and the consumers on the requirements as well as health, environment and economic benefits of organic farming. Key messages will be customized according to target audience and include explanations on control and certification processes to promote organic standards. 

Appropriate communication channels with a focus on the target audience groups will be selected. TV and radio broadcasts, social media, videos, podcasts series, posters and sensitization workshops would be utilized.

Besides validating the needs assessment, the workshop promoted exchange of experience and peer learning between participants to broaden each stakeholder’s perspective and promote collaborations. Farmers using conventional farming methods and farmers using organic methods were involved to foster exchanges in a positive and safe environment.

This workshop is part of a series of activities carried under the 3-year ARISE Plus Thailand project implemented by the International Trade Centre, aiming to support inclusive and sustainable trade growth and poverty reduction in Thailand.