NTF II helps Bangladeshi IT company land success in Denmark

22 October 2012
ITC News
Structured Data wins IT projects with Danish consulting firm.

Structured Data Systems Ltd.'s work for a Danish consulting company underscores how the growing reputation of Bangladeshi IT firms as outsourcing destinations is translating into projects and a better bottom line.

The company hired Structured Data to develop an iPhone application, as well as to create the server back-end and a website to accompany it. Within weeks of beginning its work, the Danish firm approached Structured Data with a ’repair’ job involving iPhone and Android applications.

Structured Data was selected because of a similar project the Dhaka-based company had worked on for iPhone and Android devices along with the server work, said A.K.M. Golam Murshed, Senior Project Manager at Structured Data.

Application showcase

‘We used this project as a showpiece during our NTF meeting with the Danish firm’, he said. ‘Soon after, we were contacted about the iPhone application. Once they saw our operations and our management skills, they asked us for help on the repair projects.’

Structured Data followed its standard operating procedure while working with its Danish client, Murshed said. This involved first helping the company formulate a specification document for the application it wanted, then providing a budget and schedule for the development.

‘Once that was approved, we kept in contact with the client on a weekly to bi-weekly basis using Skype. Due to the nature of this project, we provide our releases in short development sprints, with the client providing feedback and us changing the application accordingly,’ Murshed said, adding that his company sent monthly invoices for payment to stick as close as possible to its initial budget.

Structured Data expects to wrap up work on the initial iPhone application shortly and will then develop the server backend and the website. Structured Data is eager to continue its relationship with its new customer and expects other projects with the Danish company to follow in the coming months, said Murshed, adding, ‘so far the client seems very satisfied with the quality and timeliness of the work we are providing’.