Maroc in Mode: Strengthening the Moroccan textile industry

19 June 2023
ITC News
The strength and diversity of the Moroccan textile industry was on full display in Casablanca at Maroc in Mode (MIM), the renowned international textile exhibition.

Organized by AMITH (the Moroccan Association of Clothing and Textile Industries), the event brought together over 120 exhibitors, predominantly representing Moroccan textile and clothing companies alongside international brands.

MIM aimed to fortify the value chain of Moroccan companies and provided a platform for unveiling the latest innovations in the textile industry. The event featured insightful conferences on sustainable sourcing and circularity, fostering knowledge sharing and collaboration.

With exceptional attendance, MIM attracted over 2,300 professional visitors, including participants from 22 countries, who sought partnerships and business opportunities. A dedicated pavilion for Moroccan brands showcased renowned names, underscoring Moroccan textile products' exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

AMITH is a beneficiary of the GTEX/MENATEX programme at ITC. Through this collaboration, AMITH underwent a comprehensive rebranding effort to strengthen its position in the industry and align its visual identity with its objectives.

Fatima Zohra Alaoui, the general director of AMITH, explained that Maroc in Mode aims to promote Moroccan apparel internationally. However, the COVID pandemic drastically affected the sector, and the event was suspended for two years.

‘During this period, with the support of the GTEX/MENATEX programme, AMITH took the opportunity to have a comprehensive reflection on the redesign of the trade show's concept, its visual identity, and its positioning in line with the new sectoral strategy,’ she said.

Since March 2022, MIM is in its third edition with the new theme 'DAYEM MOROCCO'. ‘Dayem’ means ‘sustainable’ in Arabic, and points to the Moroccan textile industry’s goal to leverage its historical expertise to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

This positions the industry as a reliable partner rooted in environmental sustainability and social causes.

‘Thanks to the ITC's support, this new positioning of the sector also aims to achieve the objective of market diversification towards Northern European markets,’ said Zohra Alaoui. ‘The trade show has been able to attract more visitors from this new target market to diversify markets and clients for our companies. We are proud of the accomplishments thus far and look forward to further growth and success in the coming years.’

The success of the MIM exhibition and the accomplishments of AMITH demonstrate the commitment of ITC to support the industry’s growth and sustainability. This collaboration promotes excellence and market diversification, making Moroccan textiles more competitive globally.

Maroc in Mode showcased the Moroccan textile industry's resilience, innovation, and sustainability, while fostering valuable global connections and collaborations. The event serves as a testament to the industry's potential and paves the way for further success.


About the GTEX/MENATEX programme

The GTEX MENATEX programme is funded by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) of the Swiss Confederation and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), focusing on six priority countries (Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Tunisia). The programme aims to encourage exports of textiles and clothing from developing countries to promote employment and income generation throughout the value chain.