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14 January 2013
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Basics for organizing trade fairs – a guide for developing countries

This guide on organizing, preparing, launching and implementing trade fairs is aimed at potential organizers in developing countries. It focuses on the sectoral exhibitions open to professionals that target international audiences. It provides step-by-step guidelines, from project concept to event planning, organization and implementation, and its evaluation. It gives specific examples related to leather industry trade fairs and discusses promotional and communication strategy development. An accompanying CD-ROM contains templates, examples and information sets that can be used during the event's feasibility analysis and planning phase, profiles of leather sector exhibitions, photo galleries, and samples of service terms of reference.

The interplay of public and private standards - Literature review series on the impacts of private standards – Part III

Part three of a series of four papers, each comprising a literature review of the main information resources regarding a specific aspect of the impact of private standards focuses on the literature related to harmonization of, and interdependencies between, public and private standards, and the ways in which governments could engage with private standards to impact their legitimacy and significance in the market. It provides examples of complementarities between public and private standards and the harmonization efforts made in this area.

The trade in South-East Asian python skins

This paper is a review of trade flows, value chain, sustainability, illegality and animal welfare of the trade in south-east Asian python skins. It analyses reported trade in python skins, the added value at each stage, from hunting to retail and likely areas of illegal activity. It has a background to regulations regarding the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES), reviews threats to sustainability of supply and outlines animal welfare practices. The paper includes recommendations for policymakers and the leather/fashion industry.

Climate change and the coffee industry – Revised edition

This paper focuses on the contribution of the coffee value chain to climate change and the effects of climate change on global coffee production with particular reference to smallholder coffee producers in developing and least developed countries. It further reviews the opportunities to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions from the coffee industry and provides examples of individual initiatives to reduce product carbon footprints and the opportunities for mainstreaming these in the coffee value chain. The paper critically assesses the relevance of carbon credit markets for smallholder farmers, highlights the possible effects of climate change on coffee quality, yield, pests and diseases and irrigation, the urgent needs of coffee producers for adaptation to climate change, as well as relevant on-going initiatives and information sources.

Packaging for organic foods

This guide focuses on the requirements for organic food packaging aimed at small processors, packers and exporters in developing countries. It discusses packaging basics, sustainable packaging laws relating to food contact materials in general and organic food in particular, and how to avoid possible damage during travel from farm to packaging houses. It gives an overview of food safety issues, describes packaging material and technology options, transport packaging, and various types of packaging for different types of food.

Niche markets for coffee – Speciality, environment and social aspects

This paper focuses on the environmental and social aspects of the international coffee trade targeted at producers, exporters and others involved in the promotion of higher quality and sustainable coffee. It describes the scope and trends for specialty coffee in the United States of America, Japan, and Northern and Southern Europe, and the challenges in the production and export of organic coffee. It features a detailed comparison of the leading sustainability schemes, insights into the use of trademarks and geographical indicators to market coffee, and describes the role of women in the coffee sector. Annexes include an overview of The Coffee Exporter's Guide (2011), and sample answers from the Coffee Guide website's questions & answers service (

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