ITC launches NTM survey in Tanzania

17 August 2012
ITC News
Tanzania seeks to overcome barriers to trade with the help of ITC survey on non-tariff measures.

On the request of the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania, ITC in July launched a survey on burdensome non-tariff measures (NTMs) faced by the country’s export industries. The main focus of the survey will be on fresh food and horticulture industries as these combined counts for 50% of Tanzania’s exports (excluding minerals). The survey will also look at other sectors such as processed food and the wood-export industry.

As part of the launch of the survey, on 16-20 July, ITC hosted a range of activities in Dar es Salaam. ITC staff held technical training sessions for 20 staff from IPSOS-Synovate Tanzania, a local company that will be in charge of implementing the survey, and oversaw the completion of the first interviews that will form the basis of the NTM survey.

A stakeholder meeting was also held with representatives from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, trade support institutions and business associations. ITC staff presented the project and participants had the opportunity to discuss the implementation of the NTM survey. The Survey in Tanzania will complement and strengthen the current national and regional initiatives to increase transparency and remove non-tariff barriers to trade.

In addition, ITC staff held meetings with the National Bureau of Statistics to strengthen the sharing of trade-related data for use in the NTM survey, but which would at the same time allow for improved representation of Tanzania in ITC’s Market Analysis Tools

While the services sector is not a part of the current NTM survey, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has requested that ITC carry out a NTM survey for this sector too.


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