Celebrating Tanzanian designers' debut at Pure London

8 February 2024
ITC News

Pure London, the UK's largest festival of fashion, is set to welcome an exciting addition to its vibrant showcase, as a group of talented Tanzanian designers will make their international debut at this prestigious event.

Supported by the UK Trade Partnerships programme at the International Trade Centre (ITC), seven Tanzanian designers will debut at Pure London x JATC, held at the iconic Kensington Olympia in London from 11 to 13 February 2024. Fashion enthusiasts and industry professionals will immerse themselves in the dynamic world of Tanzanian design. From classic elegance to sustainable innovation, these designers bring a unique blend of tradition, creativity and contemporary flair.

Visitors journey into the heart of Tanzanian craftsmanship as visionary designers make their international debut, representing the essence of ‘Made in Tanzania’. The booth, a dedicated showcase of the nation's artistic prowess, will be led by Kemi Kaliwake, CEO of the Fashion Association of Tanzania.

‘I am incredibly excited for the opportunity to showcase our work at Pure London x JATC,’ said Kalikawe. ‘It's an honour to represent a group of talented designers from Tanzania and share our unique artistic vision with the world.’

‘This platform not only allows us to exhibit our craftsmanship but also celebrates the rich cultural heritage and sustainable practices of Tanzanian fashion,’ Kalikawe added. ‘I can't wait to debut our collection and connect with fellow designers and fashion enthusiasts at this prestigious event.’

Meet the Designers:

Dream Designs: Established in 2021, Dream Designs began as a thrift store specializing in alterations and repairs. They evolved into a fashion brand that focuses on upcycling thrifted clothes, incorporating handmade batik and tie-dye fabrics and Tanzanian cotton products. Their Swahili Resort Collection pays tribute to the timeless Khanga fabric and celebrates the fusion of tradition and sustainability.

Handmade from Tanzania: This brand creates unique handwoven fabric from pure Tanzanian cotton, dyed and hand-loomed in their Dar es Salaam workshop. Their relaxed fit lounge wear collection reflects their commitment to fair wages and sustainable practices.

Naledi by Kemi: Naledi by Kemi embodies nature’s beauty and skilled craftsmanship, offering a vibrant celebration of Tanzanian artistry. Their autumn 2024 collection features hand-loomed cotton blended with intricate batik fabrics, reflecting their commitment to craftsmanship and sustainability.

Chuwa Fashion: Renowned for its unique approach to clothing design, Chuwa Fashion blends various fabrics to create stunning pieces. Since their establishment in 2020, they've garnered numerous fashion awards and are committed to durability and premium materials in every design.

Moshaki: More than just a fashion label, Moshaki celebrates African culture and empowers women through sustainable apparel. Their ready-to-wear collection embodies simplicity and elegance, reflecting their brand values of empowering local artisans and environmental stewardship.

Imaqulate Designs: Established in 2017, Imaqulate Designs creates carefully crafted stories through handmade creations. Their collection, ‘Every Piece Counts’, showcased at Pure London, emphasizes sustainability and the importance of preserving the environment.

Mkwandule'son: Founded in 2014, Mkwandule’son offers a wide array of clothing and accessories that showcase the rich cultural heritage of Tanzania. Their latest collection underscores their commitment to sustainability and features timeless designs crafted from eco-friendly fabrics.


About the project

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