ITC-China Month helps businesses adapt to the new reality

22 April 2020
ITC News

How to seize the opportunities in COVID-19? Innovative solutions through on-line training programs might be the answer.

A series of online trainings for academics, government sector professionals and small and medium enterprises in China were conducted during March.

The sessions focused on specific aspects of the business relationship between China and Latin America and the Caribbean and were part of the ITC-China Month initiative.

The ITC-China Month

Responding to the escalating COVID-19 situation in China, the International Trade Centre (ITC) launched a series of remote trainings in March this year. In partnership with the School of International Governance Innovation (SIGI) at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, the trainings were part of webinar series called "ITC-China Month".

Promoting innovative solutions

The series of on-line trainings included in ITC-China Month provided trainees access to online ITC tools and agendas on trade. Trainees will now be able to conduct routine activities in emergencies via video webinar.

Eight training and awareness sessions were conducted throughout the month that covered ITC’s Trade and Market Intelligence, SME Trade Academy, Institutional Strengthening methodologies, Trade for Sustainable Development, and enhancing Enterprise Competitiveness and how these could be of benefit in China. With an average participation of 230 attendees, the series reached a total of 2,000 participants.

The big picture

Through this partnership with SIGI and China’s Guangdong Province, ITC aims to support sustainable growth by promoting trade and investment ties between Latin American and Caribbean countries and China. This will help tap the opportunities in COVID-19 for improved regional trade through stronger regional value chains. Eventually, benefits will trickle down to small and medium businesses with improved resilience during turbulent times.

These efforts will later compliment ITC activities in Africa and least developed countries in Asia.

The China-LAC project will aim to expand and diversify trade between China and Latin American and Caribbean countries and promoting investment in new sectors, particularly on e-commerce. The project will further a closer business-to-business relationship and the development of enhanced south-south links between China and the LAC region.