Young Egyptian businessman stands next to display for his textile company
Iraqi woman poses for photo by trees

International Youth Day

11 August 2023
ITC News

The United Nations marks International Youth Day on 12 August with a focus on green skills for a sustainable world. Here are some of the stories of the youth that work with the International Trade Centre (ITC) throughout the year to grow businesses while protecting the planet.

Discover the stories of the Youth Ecopreneur Award winners

On 15 August, ITC and the winners of the Youth Ecopreneur Awards share their sustainability and innovation stories.

Join us for our green webinar series, conducted in partnership with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and Sidley. We kick off with Green Financing and continue bi-weekly with topics like MSMEs & Climate Risks, Ecopreneurs' global ventures, Voluntary Sustainability Standards and more.

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Youth for Youth: Entrepreneurship policies that work

As part of ITC’s collaboration with the Graduate Institute of International Development Studies in Geneva, three young researchers are looking into challenges that young people face. They’re working on recommendations for policymakers to enable a business environment for young entrepreneurs that drives employment.

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Bringing back Basra's palm trees

In Iraq, 31-year-old Zahraa Abdulsattar is working to revive Basra's famed palm trees, with a goal of creating a tissue cultivation project that would bring back the city's greenery.

She believes this approach will combat environmental challenges such as diseases, soil salinity, dust, and various plant ailments.

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Iraqi woman poses for photo by trees
Zahraa Abdulsattar plans to start a business in Iraq that will restore Basra's famed palm trees.
Photo by ITC

Egypt’s youth make their mark in textiles and clothing

In Egypt, three young leaders working with the GTEX/MENATEX programme at ITC share how they’re running their textile and apparel businesses while promoting green initiatives, new strategies, and a more sustainable future. They're bringing the latest innovations into family businesses, opening up new markets overseas.

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Young couple in Senegal turns farm waste into all-natural juice

Casadeliz is on a mission to innovate sustainably while creating products made by Africans, for Africans. Their juice company, located in the heart of the Senegalese countryside, serves as a platform for rural development and showcases the potential of African ingenuity on a global stage.

Cashew apples are often discarded during harvest. But Casadeliz turns them into nutritious, flavor-packed juices. Fonders Moulaye Biaye and Augustina Ephraim are committed to environmental stewardship and the principles of circular economy.

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Senegalese business couple pose for profile photo
Augustina Ephraim and Moulaye Biaye founded Casadeliz, to turn discarded cashew apples into a nutritious juice.
Photo by Casadeliz