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16 April 2013
ITC News
ITC’s mobile website and Facebook page provide news, analysis, data and event information to online users worldwide

ITC has introduced a mobile version of its website and a Facebook page to strengthen communication with its partners and online users of its information across the globe. Enterprise application of information and communication technology has improved access to trade intelligence and market updates, particularly for small- and medium-sized enterprises in developing countries that have gone on to enhance their export competitiveness.

Mobile web subscriptions more than doubled from 2011 to 2013, according to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), and the upward trend of Internet users accessing information via mobile devices is not limited to developed countries. ITU also indicated that in 2012, the mobile-cellular penetration rate reached almost 90% in developing countries. With the fast development of 3G coverage, more than 10% of Internet users in developing countries have already gone online via mobile devices.

As in developed countries, user demand for mobile content in developing countries is rising and expectations of mobile sites have changed significantly over the past few years. Africa has the highest growth rate of mobile Internet access in developing regions, with mobile broadband penetration expected to increase from 2% in 2010 to 11% in 2013. The ITC mobile website responds to user demands for trade intelligence and market updates on the move, at any time. Instead of configuring the website to cater for particular mobile devices, ITC has adopted a responsive solution that is mobile independent and provides an optimal user experience.

In addition to going mobile, the latest ITC news, analysis, data and event information is now on Facebook. The official ITC Facebook page adds to the organization’s presence on LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube, and provides users with a visual version of ITC’s daily operations, as well as trade intelligence. Social media enables ITC to stay in direct contact with policymakers, trade support institutions and enterprises worldwide, making sure the organization can keep abreast of the needs of its clients and keep track of its programmes and projects.

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