Boosting SME competitiveness and job creation in Morocco

18 December 2013
ITC News
CAD $5 million to help improve export opportunities for Moroccan businesses and increase job opportunities for women and youth

A new CAD $5 million programme, launched in Rabat, Morocco on 18 December, aims to increase exports and boost job creation for youth in the North African country.

‘Currently Moroccan enterprises are in position to make use of trade agreements,’ said ITC Executive Director Arancha González at the launch of the programme. ‘But in order to benefit fully from trade openness, the focus should be given to building the competitiveness of small and medium-size enterprises towards exports development leading to job creation.’

The Export Development for Employment Creation (EDEC) programme was launched by Mohamed Abbou, Morocco’s Minister of Foreign Trade and Ms.González, in the presence of Sandra McCardell, Canada's Ambassador to Morocco.

The Government of Canada is providing CAD $5 million (US$ 4.7 million) towards the EDEC programme, which aims at increasing the competitiveness of small businesses in Morocco to boost their export potential and create jobs.

A particular focus of the programme will be on processed foods, leather products and fisheries, three sectors that have been identified as having high potential for exports. Efforts will also be placed on boosting the competitiveness of Moroccan SMEs.