African chocolate, cashew and vanilla steal hearts

15 October 2020
ITC News

Seven companies present the pure taste of African products at a virtual trade fair.

As global companies and consumers look for more sustainable and equitable food production processes, the agricultural industry in Africa is responding in new ways to bring authentic products directly to market.

Refusing to be bogged down by the aftermath of COVID-19, African farmers and producers seized the opportunity to showcase some of their novel manufacturing practices across a wide range of agricultural products including spices and cloves.

With the support of the UK's Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office, the International Trade Centre's UK Trade Partnerships Programme brought seven African companies to present the pure taste of African products at the Food Matters Live virtual event from 13-14 October 2020.

Chocolate from Ghana, cashew nuts from the Ivory Coast and vanilla from the Comoros were at the fair.

The seven producers were the only companies from Africa represented at the event. Here's a quick look at the participating companies:

Cocoa Processing Company, Ghana

Cocoa Processing Company is the maker of Goldentree chocolates which are produced from 100 per cent premium Ghanaian cocoa beans without substitutes or blending. The company produces both milk and dark chocolate with a variety of flavours, peanut-centred chocolate dragées and handcrafted gift chocolates.

Plot Enterprise, Ghana

Plot Enterprise is a cocoa processing company in Ghana which has been recognised by the Rainforest Alliance for its high-quality products and sustainable processes. The company processes raw cocoa beans into semi-finished products including natural and alkalized cocoa liquor, natural cocoa butter, natural and alkalized cocoa cake and natural cocoa powder.

Afrotropic Cocoa Processing Company, Ghana

Ghana's Afrotropic Cocoa Processing Company products, which are sold around the world, include natural cocoa liquor, natural/deodorised cocoa butter, natural cocoa nibs and natural cocoa powder. Afrotropic partners with Italy's Gruppo Nutkao to incorporate the latest processing technology for bulk export to global markets.

Niche Cocoa Industry, Ghana

From cocoa beans to chocolate bars - the heart of this business is a vision to enrich the lives of cocoa farmers in Ghana. Niche produces high quality semi-finished cocoa products and confectionery for supply to worldwide industries.

Organic Africa, Zimbabwe

The company embodies the future of farming in Africa by working with small-scale farmers and wild collectors all over Zimbabwe to identify the potential of value-added organic production, processing and marketing of premium value herbs, spices and medicinal plants including chilies, paprika, peppermint, thyme and calendula. Organic Africa draws upon indigenous knowledge systems.

Cooperative Group Mayendeleyo, Union of the Comoros

Mayendeleyo is a supplier and exporter of Bourbon vanilla from the Comoros. Comorian vanilla is known for its quality and consistently high vanillin contents. Mayendeleyo Cooperative works with a network of smallholder farmers on the island of Grande Comore and offers other spices such as cloves.

Ivoirienne Noix de Cajou, Côte d'Ivoire

From the natural home of the cashew in Côte d'Ivoire, the company has built a network of sustainable business relationships to ensure that the cashew leaving the farm to reach your bowl is a high-quality nut. The farmers knows the factory workers, and this investment in the workforce enables the financial independence of Ivoirienne Noix de Cajou's predominantly female staff.