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ITC’s Trade Map is an online database on international trade statistics, providing an array of useful indicators on export...

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The percentage increase in world exports of rechargeable batteries (Q4 2019 to Q1 2023)
The percentage increase of vehicles exports in June 2023 compared to June 2022
small businesses improved competitiveness with ITC's support in 2022

10,000 led by women

2.5 million
users in 2022 visited ITC’s Trade Map

This provides trade statistics on more than 200 countries and territories

3 million
women connected to international markets through ITC’s SheTrades initiative
young entrepreneurs are now members of ITC’s Young Entrepreneurs (Ye!) Community Chapters.

The community counts 18 chapters in 170 countries.

online learners have trained at ITC’s SME Trade Academy in 2022, gaining critical technical and vocational skills