The Gambia: PBF, Strengthening Sustainable and Holistic Reintegration of Returnees



    Following the recent political changes in The Gambia with the transition to the new democratic coalition government, which coincided with significant levels of returning migrants, it is crucial for stability and peace of the country to have appropriate measures to positively and sustainably reintegrate young Gambian migrants who have, in their majority suffered abuse and face stigma back home.  ITC's interventions will include developing a multi-stakeholder communications platform, led by the Government of The Gambia, to coordinate messages related to irregular migration. This includes the provision of timely, accurate and updated information and support services to returnees and vulnerable youth and the effective and constructive engagement of public and private actors involved in sensitization work. ITC will complement ongoing support measures (including provision of vocational training and business start-up support) available through ongoing programs of IOM and ITC (YEP) as well as community based reintegration activities for returnees and host communities, specifically by building the bridges for returnees to connect with existing economic support measures while also promoting the re-building and strengthening of socio-economic networks amongst returnees, youth and communities. Finally, ITC will continue to provide capacity building to existing Youth Centers/institutions to develop and upscale the quality and range of services, including reintegration support, in two selected regions of The Gambia that are particularly migration-prone, envisaged to be Greater Banjul and West Coast Region. 



    Sustainable Development Goals

    This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals, as defined by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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