Middle East and North Africa: ACTION Meeting in Abu Dhabi



    In 2016, the establishment of the Arab Countries Trade and Investment Organisations Network (ACTION) under the AfTIAS programme marked a pivotal step towards fostering Arab regional integration. ACTION emerged from the collective ambition of Arab nations to enhance their trade and investment landscape, driven by a mutual commitment to prosperity and interconnectedness within the region.

    Following its formation, ACTION initiated its journey with a key meeting in Dubai. This event was crucial in defining the network’s structure and operational guidelines, effectively transforming ACTION from a concept to a functioning entity.

    In 2018, a significant gathering took place in Paris, offering a valuable chance for reflection, reassessment, and revitalization of the network’s strategies and direction.

    ACTION stands at a crossroads, poised to redefine its trajectory in an ever-changing global landscape. The Abu Dhabi workshop is not merely a gathering; it is a clarion call for strategic introspection and visionary planning.

    The focus will be on conducting a comprehensive reassessment of the network’s current state, identifying areas ripe for innovation and improvement. This exercise is crucial in charting a course that not only addresses the immediate needs of the region but also positions ACTION as a leader in the global trade arena.

    Furthermore, the workshop will emphasize the strengthening of bonds between member TIPOs. In a world where economic fortunes are increasingly intertwined, fostering unity and cohesion within the network is paramount. This reinforced solidarity will be the cornerstone of more effective and impactful regional trade initiatives.

    A significant deliverable of this workshop will be the development of a future roadmap. This roadmap will not just be a strategic document; it will be a manifesto of ACTION's aspirations and commitments for the coming years. It will outline specific goals, milestones, and initiatives that will propel the network towards new heights of success and influence.


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