E-trade for Impact: strengthening ITC e-strategy solutions



    To harness the digital revolution for development in a sustained manner, developing countries need a clear direction: a sense of what is to be achieved, and how. E-strategies meet this need. They provide policy-makers, trade support institutions, and enterprises with a strategic framework and set of actions to support e-trade growth and digital transformation, as a driver for sustainable development.

    Over the past 15 years, ITC has facilitated trade strategies in different segments of the ICT-driven spectrum, ranging from BPO to software development and ITES in several least developed, developing and transitioning economies. By enhancing and formally integrating e-strategies into its portfolio, ITC will elevate its e-solutions offering, scale the impact of its interventions and reinforce its position as a leader on trade strategy development. 

    The main output of this project will be an updated and innovative methodology for e-strategies, reinforcing ITC’s “E-Trade for Impact” offering. This will directly benefit the Trade Development Strategies Programme (Focus Area 2) at outcome level while supporting ITC’s Strategic Plan by contributing to achieve the organization’s deliverables on “Trade Policy & Strategy” as well as “E-commerce”. 


    Sustainable Development Goals

    This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals, as defined by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

    ITC contact

    buchot [at] intracen.org