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    This project supports the continuous upgrading and updating of the Trade Development Strategies (TDS) function and related tools and methodologies. It also supports the maintenance of Global Public Goods such as Trade Strategy Map, as well as communications and outreach throughout the year. Finally, it supports business development activities, leading to W2-funded projects.

    The TDS programme is a critical component/intermediate outcome of ITC’s core service “A more conducive policy and regulatory environment for MSMEs”. TDS are often an entry point and compass for ITC’s coordinated interventions in a country, as it systematically identifies opportunities and weaknesses, and defines specific and timebound plans of action for trade development. The process of designing a TDS also build awareness among stakeholders and structures that increase the chances of successful implementation of identified projects and interventions. 

    In 2022, this project focused on quality, innovation, network-building, and business development. Notable outputs include:

    1. The peer review mechanism was reviewed and upgraded with the aim of achieving a higher quality and more consistency among strategies facilitated by ITC. The NES for South Sudan and Vietnam were reviewed against the new mechansim, as was the sector strategy for Nepal.

    2. Research on strategic foresight conducted, and discussions with ETH Zurich and University of Geneva ensued, with a view to partnering.

    3. A retreat was held for all export strategy staff and HQ-based consultants, with the aim of re-aligning ITC's work in strategy, through highlighting essential characteristics in process and methodology. This was followed by Trade Strategy Clinics that focus on particular technical aspects of process and methodology in detail.

    4. A new and upgraded user interface for the Strategy Management Implementation Tool (SIMT) was designed and developed. An upgraded version of the SIMT will be deployed during the first half of 2023.

    5. A network of strategy-makers was re-established, and the first edition of the Trade Strategy Forum organised in Geneva. 40 participants from 18 countries shared experiences and debated best practice on "The Challenges Of Implementation".

    It is expected that 2023, which marks the 20th anniversary of trade and export strategy at ITC, will be a continuation of this work, with a particular focus on quality/training and network-building, albeit to a lesser degree, given a smaller budgetary allocation. 


    Sustainable Development Goals

    This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals, as defined by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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