UN Secretary General praises Ethical Fashion Programme

28 September 2011
ITC News
In a recently released report by the UN Secretary General, ITC's Ethical Fashion programme was commended...

The report states:

'The Ethical Fashion Programme of the International Trade Centre (ITC) in Kenya helps small and medium-sized businesses in the fashion sector to export their products. The Programme connects some of the world’s most marginalized people with the top of fashion’s value chain for mutual benefit. It enables communities of artisans and micromanufacturers — the majority of them women — to thrive in association with the fashion industry. This develops local creativity, fosters predominantly female employment, reduces poverty and promotes gender equality. More than 7,000 people who live in conditions of extreme poverty have gained employment through the Programme.'

The report can be accessed in full on the UN site in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and Russian (Document A/66/320).