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The in-depth digital knowledge platform of the International Trade Centre explores export development and trade issues in developing and least developed countries. The contributions focus on trade promotion and export development as part of the International Trade Centre’s technical cooperation programme with developing countries and economies in transition.


Addressing gender equality in international trade

Chairs: H.E. Dr. Athaliah Lesiba Molokomme- Ambassador of Botswana H.E. Ana Patricia Benedetti Zelaya- Ambassador of El Salvador H.E. Harald Aspelund- Ambassador of Iceland   The World Trade Organization (WTO) has increasingly embarked on broader efforts towards gender balance and...

Africa and infrastructure: Charting the way forward

Historic trade agreement must be supported by increased investment to allow full realization of its goals

Africa’s quest for a bigger role in global markets

Currently languishing in world rankings, the continent’s economies stand to make a dramatic step forward as AfCFTA comes into force

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And what is your resilience strategy?

The current climate for small business calls for a situation of “adapt or die”. The challenge is, however, that many are not equipped to adapt, and therefore “die”.  

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Business as a force for good

For business to be a force for good, it needs to set standards, measure performance and improve its impact on all stakeholders  

Can multilateralism evolve?

Over the last 75 years, multilateralism has been a powerful driver and pillar of global integration, peace, and prosperity. However, recent disaffection with globalization and with existing forms of global governance threatens the foundations of the rules-based multilateral order. Growing political...

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Can sustainable finance save the world?

Sustainable Finance Geneva takes impact into account and integrates environmental and social factors into risk assessments, redirecting capital towards economic sectors that align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals  

Certification can go a long way

Travelife advises tour operators on certified hotels to build their sustainable, green business portfolio

Continental agreement, country implementation: Making the AfCFTA a reality

As the AfCFTA moves into its operational phase, it is time to consider the crucial next steps

HEVA Fund Kenya
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Creatively filling the gaps for financing young artists

East Africa’s first fund that focuses on investing in creative businesses across the region

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Digitalization: An ally of businesswomen in Latin America

Digitalization is a great opportunity to strengthen the business capabilities of Latin-American women.  

Empowering Africa’s young people in the digital economy

Africa’s new open trade area has the potential to generate jobs, growth in the services market

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