The Tanzania Spices label launched

14 July 2021
ITC News
Tanzanian spices secure their spot in the global spices market with the launch of their trademark.

In a significant step forward for spices marketability, quality assurance and sustainability, the Tanzania Spices Label was officially launched earlier in July at the Sabasaba international trade fair earlier.

Ministry of Industry and Trade together with Tanzania Trade Development Authority (TanTrade) and Tanzania Spices Association (TASPA), hosted the ceremony in Dar es Salaam.

By becoming a trademark of the country’s produce, the Tanzania Spices label will support the national spices industry.

Spices: a fast-growing market

Growing rapidly, the spices industry provides an opportunity for the agricultural sector of the United Republic of Tanzania. With a rising demand for spices in Asia, there is a real prospect for Tanzanian spices exporters to position themselves as leading suppliers of some of the world’s finest spices.

Tanzanian spices to the world

Spices are grown across the country, from Zanzibar to Pemba islands and from Morogoro to Arusha. By leveraging the high quality of the country’s production and a strong agricultural system, Tanzania is ready to embark on this new adventure.  

The label will build Tanzania’s reputation as a producer of quality spices, ensure the sustainability of the sector, create ownership of Tanzanian spices products overseas, give competitive market advantage, regulate and standardise the sector and increase production and supply across the country. The label represents an opportunity to position Tanzanian spices in market segments, attracting specific buyers and consumers.

All farmers working with the label receive support for adhering to set standards including the standards specifications by the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS), registered with ISO, as well as production standards, such as the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).

About the label

The spices label was created by Tanzania’s government through TanTrade and the private sector represented by TASPA.  

The initiative is supported by the International Trade Centre (ITC) within the framework of the Market Access Upgrade Programme (MARKUP); a regional development initiative for the East African Community (EAC) funded by the European Union (EU).