SPOTLIGHT with Natalia Cano

15 December 2021
Spotlight with Natalia Cano, Head of Brand & Reputation Asia Pacific at Google

In this live interview, Natalia Cano, Head of Brand & Reputation Asia Pacific at Google, demonstrates Google’s economic impact and digital responsibility.


Natalia Cano

As head of Brand and Reputation Marketing at Google, Natalie has over 15 years of product management, sales and marketing experience, leading international marketing strategies for brands in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. He has appeared on the cover of Time Magazine, Newsweek and Forbes Magazine.

For the past 10 years at Google, Natalia has delivered successful marketing programmes helping 40 million people grow their skills, career and business.

Vittorio Cammarota, chief editor of Trade Forum, had the opportunity to have a quick chat with Natalia and explore the concrete needs of women entrepreneurs, Google’s Women Will project, as well as recommendations for international organizations dealing with women entrepreneurship.

Women entrepreneurship is a vital component of every country’s economic growth. But it can feel out of reach for many of them.


2 March 2022
Interview with Natalia Cano and Vittorio Cammarota