Sector strategy development in South Sudan kicks off

8 July 2022
ITC News

ITC supported the Republic of South Sudan in designing their sector strategies

The Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Republic of South Sudan and the International Trade Centre (ITC) have joined forces to advance the country’s sector strategies in gum Arabic, oilseeds, natural honey, hides and skins, wildlife conservation and tourism.

These sectors have significant potential for growth, job creation and investment, as identified under the South Sudan’s National Export and Investment Strategy, funded by the African Export-Import Bank (AfrEximBank) and implemented by ITC.

The strategy supports developing productive capacities and foster livelihoods for people of South Sudan. Diversifying South Sudan’s economy, trade and investment are crucial to contributing to the country’s peace process and stabilization.

Stakeholders along entire value chains—around 150 public and private representatives, including organizations led by women—gathered in Juba throughout June to validate the competitiveness and the diagnostic of the value chain analysis related to the priority sectors. They assessed how best to respond to the challenges and seize emerging opportunities.

The consultations were a major milestone in designing the sector strategies. Sector export teams presented the constraints affecting the sectors and provided recommendations on possible solutions for development. Involving primary stakeholders throughout the value chain in each respective sector will ensures alignment and paying the way for export potential.

Addressing the participants, Hon. Ocum Genes Karlo, First Undersecretary of Trade and Industry at the Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Republic of South Sudan, emphasized the importance of these consultations. “The National Export and Investment Strategy offers a unique platform to discuss constraints and opportunities for producers and small businesses. The active participation of public institutions and private sector leaders, civil society and academia in the room reflects the importance of these workshops for South Sudan,” he said in closing the two-week consultation round.

“The results of the consultations will go a long way in elaborating comprehensive plans of action”, said Darius Kurek, Senior officer for export strategy at ITC. “We will set up a national digital tourism platform to be operated by South-Sudanese tour operators as a first point of entry for visitors. To generate value of hides and skins, we will provide advisory and extension services for breeders and shepherds on animal feeding and care to improve meat and leather quality and to establish in-country slaughterhouses. These are two examples of measures resulting from the consultations."