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Second Garment Training Centre in Tajikistan promises future for youth

8 July 2021
ITC News

The International Trade Centre (ITC) under the Global Textile and Clothing Programme (GTEX) launched the second Garment Training Centre in Tajikistan. Developed in partnership with the Khujand Polytechnic Institute of the Tajik Technical University (KPITTU), the Khujand Garment Training Centre at KPITTU was launched in May 2021 and has been educating students in textile and clothing sector knowledge.

The Training Centre will enhance and develop core skills required by the country’s garment industry according to international sector trends. Garment sewing and computer-aided design operators for pattern making, grading and marker making are among the main skills taught.

Students have access to the latest equipment and technologies, such as modern sewing machines, computer-aided clothing design (CAD) technologies, GRAFIS version 12, and more. The GTEX project made all appliances and software available.

The International Trade Centre will play a major role in improving the centre’s capacities, updating training curricula and adapting the equipment according to the sector’s need.

As the apparel industry is constantly changing, the Tajik sector needs to follow. The Garment Training Centre fills the gap between the private sector and academia. Through training and technology, the centre will cultivate qualified workforce. Moreover, the centre enables vital collaboration between the industry and other educational institutions in the Sughd region, one of the industrially developed parts of the country.

The Khujand Polytechnic Institute of the Tajik Technical University intends to develop new learning approaches and adapt existing curricula for various skill and knowledge levels with the technical support from ITC, enterprises, and the sector association. 

“The availability of qualified professionals is key to the successful development of any industry in an increasingly competitive environment. The Garment Training Centre at the KPITTU, contributing to developing the textile and clothing industries in Tajikistan and introducing new technologies both in education and in operational business, will forge institute-industry linkages and will support the national production to enter new markets.”

Dilafruz Saidi, Director of KPITTU

“Knowledge is the key in a business’ ability to thrive. Our mission is to connect Tajikistan’s garment sector to regional and global markets and improve their trade capacity.”

Saidmumin Kamolov, National Programme Manager in Tajikistan, International Trade Centre

The Khujand Garment Training Centre is the second Garment Training Centre in Tajikistan established by the International Trade Centre in partnership with local universities. The Garment Training Centre at the Technological University of Tajikistan was inaugurated in Dushanbe last year. Both centres aim to serve as a knowledge hub and bridge the gap between the apparel industry and educational institutions.

About the Global Textiles and Clothing Programme

The International Trade Centre's Global Textiles and Clothing Programme (GTEX) is funded by the Government of Switzerland. The four-year long project provides support to Textile and Clothing companies in Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan) and the Middle East and North Africa (Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia). The programme's goal is to promote textile and clothing exports and to stimulate employment and income generation along the value chain.