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Removing barriers to growth through digital deal-matching

22 September 2020
Brian Pallas, CEO, Opportunity Network

The greatest limiting factor in business is opportunity

For decades, business leaders have cultivated ecosystems centered on the potential to do business. Taking the form of social clubs, networking events, industry conferences and professional networks, these ecosystems create a hub of powerful investors, influential partners and top talent. However, barriers such as revenue thresholds, geographic location or lack of personal connections often keep small businesses from accessing these ecosystems, making it difficult for them to seek growth opportunities.

But not anymore. Today’s technology makes it possible to remove these barriers and to create a network of opportunity that is not constrained by location or personal connections. This is the basis of Opportunity Network. Opportunity Network is the largest global digital deal-matching platform, used by 30,000+ vetted chief executives, business leaders and investors from over 130 countries. Through the network, members can anonymously post their business deals and connect directly with global counterparts.

With the launch of a new tier, Opportunity Network LITE, small businesses of all sizes can access these deals. LITE specifically caters to smaller companies and start-ups, enabling those with revenues of over $250,000 to connect with counterparts around the world and put their deals in front of large investors and experienced partners.

This functioning digital ecosystem creates a secure point of connection for business leaders anywhere in the world. For small businesses, it is a one-step route to exponentially increasing their growth potential: accessing deals nationally and internationally, speaking directly with influential partners in their fields and discovering development options that they had not thought of before. With $300 billion in total deal flow distributed among 100+ industries, the platform is rife with options.

For our small business members, these options have been key to their survival in the past few months. Ivan Mangone, General Manager of Italian-based Progetti Medical Equipment, has relied on the platform to fill gaps in his supply chain, enabling him to get personal protective and medical equipment to hospitals at the height of Italy’s lockdown.

Through travel restrictions and economic fallout, COVID-19 has further raised the barriers to business opportunity. Where digital networks and communication platforms were once seen as extras, they are now an integral component of business development. When a link in the supply chain falls through, investment opportunities in the region dry up or brick-and-mortar stores close. Opportunity Network can provide connections to new partners, international investors or e-commerce platforms. On one single platform, Opportunity Network removes barriers to growth and provides every reliable CEO with access to global business opportunities.