Online investment information for China-oriented investment promotion

3 January 2019
ITC News

02 Jan. 2019

PIGA is to set-up online repositories of information oriented to Chinese investors, in their language, and with all information necessary to better understand Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique and Zambia’s opportunities and requirements to establish and operate businesses in compliance with local regulations. 

In that context, various mission have taken place in PIGA countries, in August in Nairobi and Lusaka, and in December in Mozambique, to hold series of technical meetings with relevant national stakeholders to address data and information collection and management.

The repositories are part of IPAs existing website and aim at bridging the information gaps toward Chinese investors on investment opportunities as well as setting-up and operating foreign direct investment in the four countries. 

Creating an online service with the focus on a particular audience requires remarkable human and technical effort in terms of coordination and creation of the various information flows that will constitute the content, services and functionalities of the website. 

For this purpose, in coordination with IPAs, a network of national organizations was built in each country by ITC during those missions including with the Central Banks, Bureau of Statistics and the China Economic Counselors offices.  

These institutions have shown their willingness in becoming part of the network of data and information contributors that will support IPAs’ China-oriented web platforms. 

The investment promotion portals for Kenya and Zambia are expected to be launched in 2019. This will represent a particular milestone in PIGA’s timeline and in the history of KenInvest and ZDA as well. With this achievement, the two first China-oriented investment promotion portals in Africa will be ready to inform interested Chinese investors and boost investment in Africa.