New web site for the Association of Light Industry Enterprises of Kyrgyzstan

23 January 2012
ITC News

With  financial  support  from  the International  Trade  Centre,  in October  2011  the

Association of Light Industry Enterprises of Kyrgyzstan, “Legprom” launched a new web site – The web site stands out with its new design, structure and features. It is more informative, user-friendly and was developed according to the latest Internet trends and developments.

Visitors will find a catalogue of enterprises of the light industry of Kyrgyzstan (clothing companies) – members of “Legprom” Association. The catalogue contains information about the companies and their products, with different chapters for each product category, such as – men’s and women’s apparel, products for children, knitted products, hosiery products, professional clothing and uniforms, etc. The web site also provides information on the latest developments in the Kyrgystan textile & clothing industry (T&C), information on the regulatory base (relevant laws) and logistics. Moreover, on visitors can find contact information for 17 points of sale for Kyrgyz products in the Russian Federation. The Association plans to update the site with news and events on a regular basis.

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