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21 April 2021
ITC News
With brand new insights into small business resilience during COVID-19

How can small businesses remain resilient? Around the world, entrepreneurs and small firms have passed the one-year mark of facing the devastating economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first edition of Trade Forum 2021 explores their secrets for becoming, as well as staying, resilient when facing the future post-pandemic world. Trade Forum shares with you some examples the International Trade Centre has come across recently, to support entrepreneurs in facing the immediate challenges of the crisis and preparing for the future.

Learn why and how governmental support, business support organizations and persistence in selling goods online or networking can lead out of a crisis. Our contributors – from entrepreneurs in Asia to leading international organizations – uncover crucial aspects when it comes to small business resilience.

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Trade Forum is the quarterly magazine of the International Trade Centre. It explores export development and trade issues in developing and least developed countries.