Major upgrade to Strategy Implementation Management Tool

22 November 2023
ITC News

In a continuous commitment to cutting-edge solutions to effectively implement strategies, the International Trade Centre (ITC) has upgraded its unique Strategy Implementation Management Tool.

SIMT is a web-based application that tackles the core challenges of strategy implementation. For ministries, institutions, agencies, sector assistants and partners, the application facilitates alignment between strategic objectives and the related policies, programmes, and initiatives.

The upgrades fortify the tool’s role as a pivotal asset for ITC partners in aligning trade strategy objectives with seamless execution.

It assists users to:

  • Quickly understand the status of implementation by all institutions involved, public or private.
  • Identify actions that are due or delayed for appropriate follow-up.
  • Take action, where necessary, through a user-tailored alert system.
  • Collect and store up-to-date and customized data on implementation progress searchable by funder, implementing agency or theme.
  • Identify gaps and duplication between different initiatives as well as implementation bottlenecks to redirect resources.
  • Create reports, graphics and communication material on implementation progress for decision makers, development partners and the general public.

SIMT was developed in 2015 and piloted for two years. In 2017, more countries were given access to the platform. Now, the platform has been fully upgraded to become a versatile tool used over the years in Myanmar, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Gambia, Burkina Faso, Sri Lanka, Iran, Pakistan, Laos, Curacao, and Iraq.

The upgraded tool introduces features that enhance efficiency and user experience:

  • Improved user interface and security: A fresh, intuitive interface, coupled with robust security measures, ensures a user-friendly and secure environment for data entry and maintenance.
  • Tasks management: Users can now create ‘Strategy Implementation Tasks’, breaking down actions into discrete steps. The addition of General Tasks supports effective administration.
  • Enhanced system logic and progress tracking: SIMT now measures progress through the completion of tasks, enabling automated reporting for real-time tracking.
  • Single Sign-on: Streamlining navigation, the Single Sign-on functionality seamlessly connects with the upcoming Strategy Makers Network and Learning Corner for unified access.
  • Faster, more integrated, and interactive: With automated notifications and reminders, the upgraded system ensures real-time communication, keeping Strategy units promptly informed about user actions.