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ITC Publications - Issue 04/2013

16 December 2013
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Jamaica: Company perspectives – An ITC series on non-tariff measures

New small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Jamaica are more affected by non-tariff measures (NTMs) than larger firms, according to this ITC study.

Lack of information and adequate resources make it harder for SMEs to overcome obstacles to trade. Of more than 600 businesses surveyed, approximately 35% faced burdensome NTMs. Among exporting companies, 41% identified NTMs as a major deterrent to the success of their businesses, while the high incidence of burdensome NTMs experienced by the manufacturing, processed food and agro-based industries was highlighted as a cause for concern.

New publication

Entering new markets: A guide for trade representatives

The world’s only training guide for foreign trade representatives, this unique, hands-on book explains how to promote trade abroad within the context of national trade policy and export strategies.

Foreign-based trade representatives balance competing demands and multiple reporting lines. This guide compiles good practices and guidelines for all staff involved in official trade representation of their country. It advises on setting priorities for markets, industries and clients. It covers services such as export intelligence, trade displays, trade and buyer missions, investment promotion and market entry strategies. It also explains aspects of managing an office, building networks and using modern communications services.

This is the third edition of the guide – the first was published in 1973, then again in 1993. Research is based on ITC field work, as it is the only United Nations organization offering a training programme for trade representatives. The author has worked for many years as a foreign trade representative.

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