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13 July 2011
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Market Access, Transparency and Fairness in Global Trade

Export Impact For Good

Developing countries need to export more in order to boost growth, reduce poverty and provide opportunities for wealth creation in their domestic markets, which are typically small. Market Access, Transparency and Fairness in Global Trade: Export Impact for Good, the first of an annual series on market access issues, discusses trade transparency and fairness in the context of global trade with a focus on reducing global poverty by improving market entry for developing countries. It also examines the relationship between export development and poverty reduction and highlights key market access issues for developing countries, such as tariffs, non-tariff measures and the utilization of preferences.


Building Linkages for Export Success

Trade promotion organizations and national standards bodies working together

Building linkages for export success is a new handbook that explores the different ways that closer collaboration between national standards bodies and trade promotion organizations can support and enable export enterprises. The handbook, a joint publication of ITC and the International Organization for Standardization, was written for officials working for national standards bodies, trade promotion organizations or government agencies and whose responsibilities include international trade.


Increasing Access to Credit

Reforming secured transaction laws

The study Increasing Access to Credit invites national legislators and all those involved in enhancing the national business environment to consider secured financing schemes that will allow an increase in the amount of credit offered to small and medium-sized enterprises. The reasoning is simple: allow as collateral property that these enterprises usually possess, then build a framework so that banks can secure their loans on this collateral on the basis of priority rights over other creditors. As amounts secured are smaller in size, the system must be smarter, better and cheaper than the traditional security systems.


Model Contracts for Small Firms

Legal guidance for doing international business

Model Contracts for Small Firms is intended to provide small and medium-sized enterprises with models of the main international commercial contracts that they need in their trade transactions. It presents model contracts for key trade activities such as sale of goods, distribution, services, joint ventures, international commercial agencies, long-term supply of goods, alliance or collaboration between parties and contract manufacture agreement.


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