ITC launches new podcast on the future of trade

12 December 2019
ITC News
The International Trade Centre’s new podcast exploring innovation at the intersection of trade and development launches in Geneva on 17 December 2019.

The International Trade Centre’s Innovation Lab has launched a new podcast that explores the links between innovation, trade and development.

Trade Forward is a series that invites a diverse range of voices to discuss the biggest challenges in the future of trade, the role of youth in this landscape, and the impact of digitalization in the way we transact business among other hot topics. You can download and listen to Trade Forward on ITC’s website and on any podcast app for Android, Apple, Spotify and Google.

‘Together with entrepreneurs, researchers and public experts, Trade Forward sheds light on ongoing transformations happening across the globe and their effects on the way we do business,’ said the podcast’s production team.

Trade Forward is an initiative led by ITC’s Innovation Lab, a collaborative hub for experimentation, learning and change that supports ITC to innovate for greater impact.

The launch event, which takes the form of a ‘silent party’ and includes the live streaming of the new episodes and a short interview with a special guest, takes place at 19:00 on 17 December at L’ice-Bergues, Geneva, Switzerland. Please register at Eventbrite for an interactive evening with food, music and drinks!