ITC champions women's growth in Uzbek trade and customs

19 December 2023
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With limited access to customs and trade work opportunities, Central Asian women can now explore international trade careers thanks to an initiative led by the International Trade Centre (ITC) and Uzbekistan's Customs Committee.

Women in Central Asia often face challenges in access to trade-related information and training. However, they discovered fresh opportunities in trade and customs, thanks to training jointly organized by Uzbekistan's Customs Committee and the ITC Ready4Trade Central Asia project.

Advancing women's career aspirations

More than 40 young women, including students and recent graduates, participated in the event ‘International Trade: A Career in Customs Authorities and Related Fields’. The event took place on 18 October 2023 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. 

Within an empowering, confident atmosphere, participants found inspiration to expand their career horizons and gained extensive knowledge about their rights and opportunities in customs and international trade.
In a survey after the training, 92% of respondents indicated that the event had heightened their awareness of trade career paths, significantly clarified their perspectives, and fostered a more inclusive trade and border environment. Some 88% said the event assisted them in making informed career choices.

Customs Service Colonel Sanjar Jalilov,  head of Development and Human Resources Management, emphasized the transparency of recruitment in the customs sector. He encouraged candidates to apply online through the ‘Unified Open Portal for Customs Authorities’ available on the Customs Committee's official website.

In his opening speech, Ilkhom Mukhtarov, the First Deputy Chairman of the Customs Committee, highlighted the gender equality gap and emphasized the need for comprehensive social support, rights protection, and improved opportunities in legal and professional growth for women in law enforcement.

A step towards national transformation

The initiative is a key component of a broader national strategy to instil integrity, transparency, and efficiency in the customs sector.

The vision aligns with the Presidential Decree of the Republic of Uzbekistan, dated 26 April 2022, which sets a goal to double women's representation in the customs authorities and trade by 2024. 

Protecting women's rights, safeguarding their interests, and boosting their public life participation are now key elements of national policy.


About the ITC's gender-focused approach to trade facilitation in Uzbekistan

The event is part of the EU-funded ITC Ready4Trade project's gender-responsive trade facilitation initiative, which has already trained over 65 government officials and 70 women traders. Its primary aim is to foster a supportive environment for women in cross-border trade, equipping them with essential skills in compliance, conflict management, and understanding their rights and cross-border trade requirements.


19 December 2022
Empowering Uzbek Women in Trade and Customs Careers - ITC Ready4Trade Central Asia