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Discussion on the causes of problems in the management of food safety in the Kyrgyz Republic

25 January 2012
ITC News

Consumption of some food products in the Kyrgyz Republic may cause health problems. Even the appearance of some food products available in Kyrgyz grocery stores and markets do not generate confidence among consumers. Each year the number of people infected with diseases transmitted from animals, such as brucellosis or, echinococcosis, is growing.

On November 18, ITC conducted a roundtable discussion, where senior managers and key experts of leading state agencies on food safety management – Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health, and Ministry of Economic Regulation – discussed the causes and possible solutions to the problems in the management of food safety in the Kyrgyz Republic, and came up with recommendations for improvement based on best international practice.

The Round Table participants discussed the so called “Matrix on roles and responsibilities of food safety agencies in Kyrgyzstan”, which was developed by experts
from ITC. The matrix demonstrated each stage of the food production and distribution
chain. Participants analysed the matrix to identify areas where roles and responsibilities appear to be duplicated, and where there may be gaps. Mr. Digby Gascoine, ITC Senior International Consultant on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures, and Mr. S.K. Gujadhur, ITC Senior Advisor on Standards and Quality Management, participated in the roundtable discussion.